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SUMO Success

Whether it's becoming more focused in class, dealing with the stress of exams or navigating their way through complex new relationships, SUMO4Schools can help equip secondary school students with the skills they need as they become young adults.

The evidence is clear and unequivocal that SUMO4Schools can and does work. The overwhelming majority of teachers who have experienced a SUMO4Schools programme or used the SUMO4Schools resources say that SUMO delivers a transformative difference to the engagement and reaction of their pupils. And this in turn leads to a powerful and positive difference in the outcome of their education.

The programme was originally piloted in five secondary schools and has since been delivered in different ways into many more schools, as well as pupil referral units and youth organisations such as Connexions and Prospects.

The feedback we receive from teachers shows that SUMO4Schools delivers results every time:

  • Increase in pupil levels of responsibility
  • Development of social skills
  • Pupils being able to manage their anger in a healthier manner
  • Increase in confidence in learning
  • Improvement in thinking skills
  • Improved ability to manage stress levels
  • Increase in aspirations and more detailed career aspirations

Some of the feedback we have received from teachers:

I've absolutely no doubt that your approach can help build resilience and enhance the quality of people's lives, in both medical and educational settings. The clarity and simplicity of your explanations are accessible to everyone and I know many patients who would benefit from adopting this approach.
You use SUMO as a way of having a legitimate and life enhancing conversation with ourselves, forcing us to reflect and aim for what really matters.

Dr Phil Hammond,
GP, Journalist and Broadcaster

Healthy Schools
Without a doubt, the “i” generation is growing up in a very different world. The challenges of a fast changing and uncertain future create unique pressures for our children and young people. Their need to be equipped to cope with all that life may bring is crucial. SUMO4Schools is an interactive resource that teaches children the coping strategies they need, in a fun and practical way. If Emotional Health and Well Being is a priority you have chosen to develop further on your Healthy Schools Enhancement Journey, then this resource will stimulate reflection and creativity. Above all, children enjoy SUMO and learn to put the principles into action.
Ruth Boulton,
Healthy Schools Development Consultant for Cheshire West and Chester

A brilliant day! The fact that so many staff were motivated by understanding the SUMO principles and 'bought in' to the SUMO ethos means that they will not only pass on the practical advice given in the book and presentation, but the ethos will become part of their own behaviour around school and during lessons.

A number of staff came to see me after the presentation to tell me how it had inspired them to 'Seize the Day' in their professional life as well as 'Remember the Beachball' in their personal life.

After the weekend many staff had 'SUMO'd' their family and by the end of Monday lots of students had been 'SUMO'd' as well (and that's before we've got the posters around school.) SUMO will promote a more positive, motivated, understanding atmosphere around school which I am sure will benefit learning and teaching, and ultimately results.
Darren Pacey
Assistant Head, Norden School, Blackburn

There is very little out there to really help disaffected students. I believe SUMO gave them tools to really help change their lives. For some the timing just before their GCSE’s was great. It seemed to focus their minds, give them a hope and equip them with real tools to stop them from procrastinating.
Head of a Referral Unit

Julie SpenceIf you give young people skills in managing their emotions you give them skills for life - SUMO4Schools is an interactive, common sense but above all fun way to help children deal with tough stuff they will face now and in the future. As a police officer I value and want a civil society consequently I endorse SUMO because it has a real role in preventing bullying and stopping anti social behaviour - it helps children see and understand things from other's perspectives which is the cornerstone to stopping them happening in the first place. Immersing children in the SUMO principles has real potential to help them develop into positive young people able to deal with setbacks, difference and the uncertainty life will and does throw at them. I feel it does it in a way that will enable them to contribute positively to a civil society. SUMO principles are the only things I have ever seen that truly cross the adult/child divide that's why I used the adult version with my 2500 staff but also recommend them to schools as the potential for positive outcomes is enormous and untapped.
Julie Spence, Chief Constable, Cambridgeshire Police

The feedback we receive really does speak for itself - SUMO4Schools works. We have had the privilege of being able to help and empower many, many pupils and teachers… get in touch to discuss how we can help you too!

Some of the many Secondary Schools where SUMO has been successful:

  • Ashford Christ Church
  • Birchwood High School
  • Blacon High School
  • Cherwell School
  • Crowns Hill Community College
  • Fulston Manor High School
  • Grey's Education Centre
  • Loreto Grammar School for Girls
  • Norden High School and Sports College
  • Our Lady & St Chad's
  • South Wolverhampton and Bilston Academy
  • St Katherine's
  • Standish Community High School
  • Tewkesbury School
  • The Bradbourne School
  • The Bushey Academy
  • Cleeve School
  • The Radclyffe School
  • Thomas Clarkson Community College
  • Wycliffe College

Your Comments & Feedback

If you have benefitted from SUMO4Schools, let us know and we'll share your experiences with others interested in what SUMO4Schools could do for them.


Your comments/feedback 


SUMO success! What people say…

The work we completed will help massively when managing any stress that I need to overcome during an exam!

Year 11 pupil,
Churchdown School Academy

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