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SUMO Explained

Stop Understand Move On

SUMO4Schools Secondary is part of the SUMO4Schools programme which provide resources and training that facilitate wellbeing, promote positive behaviour and develop creativity, thinking and learning skills in schools. It is an innovative and creative programme that can be delivered within a cross-curricular context to engage and motivate students!

What does SUMO deliver?

SUMO delivers skills for life – and helps pupils develop emotional literacy that will help them deal with the challenges of the future. The way in which SUMO can help is summarised by the acronym CRAMS:

C – How to accept and manage Change in our lives and how to build and maintain Confidence to deal with the challenges in life.
R – Building better and lasting Relationships with our families and friends.
A – Developing a resilient Attitude to life and learning to deal with set-backs.
M – Improve and maintain Motivation for ourselves and those around us.
S – Learning to cope with Stress and turning stressful situations into positive ones.

SUMO - The Six Principles

The SUMO4Schools Secondary programme is based around 6 SUMO principles. Each principle is introduced and developed through a series of lesson resources and is supported by a range of SUMO material. The lessons progress through each principle allowing for Assessment For Learning and personalised learning to take place. The principles are explored using interactive and creative lessons that are powerful and practical, memorable and meaningful. Each principle has relevance for secondary school students who are facing significant choices that will affect the rest of their lives.

1. Change Your T-shirt encourages pupils to take responsibility for their own life. It asks them to consider different aspects of their life and reflect on how their decisions shape the perspectives they have. The aims of the sessions are to empower pupils through recognising that their choices are significant, encourage pupils to stop blaming others for what happens and understand that they all have multiple intelligences and potential.

2. Develop Fruity Thinking explores how the way our thinking affects our potential to achieve. Negative thinking invariably leads to negative results while positive thinking will lead to positive outcomes. The lessons introduce the TEAR model; Thinking > Emotions > Actions > Results. It asks the question 'what influences your thinking?' and encourages pupils to develop a level of self awareness where by their actions are less reactionary and more response orientated. The aims of the session are for pupils to identify those thoughts which limit their potential and change them to positive empowering thoughts.

3. Hippo Time is OK helps pupils understand how setbacks affect them and how to recover from them. The sessions aim to develop emotional intelligence by exploring emotions and how they need to be managed. The sessions aim to provide strategies for encountering and overcoming problems and setbacks while recognising that we all need to wallow a little… we just need to be careful how long it lasts.

4. Remember the Beachball introduces the social aspects of SUMO4Schools Secondary. The principle helps pupils explore their own experiences and reflect on what has shaped their worldview. The lessons develop collaborative and co-operative learning while supporting global citizenship. The aim of the session is to explore why other people's perspectives may be valid even though they are different from our own. It encourages us to seek to understand other people's world view.

5. Learn Latin introduces the idea that change comes through action. New thinking on its own will lead nowhere it must be matched by action. Carpe Diem - seize the day encourages pupils to act upon their beliefs and rise to the challenges that face them. The sessions look at the factors which hinder action and provide strategies for moving forward. The aim of the unit is to move pupils from saying 'I wish I had!' to 'I am glad I did!'

6. Ditch Doris Day (or dare to dream) challenges pupils to think about holistic success and set goals. It encourages them to create their own future rather than leave it to chance. The sessions seek to equip pupils with tools to help with goal setting and confidence building; the aim being to empower pupils with self belief to reach their full potential. It challenges the pupils to ask the question 'what future do you want and how are you going to get it?' and also 'How can I make a difference in the lives of others?'

These principles form the basis for creative lessons that engage and empower pupils and teachers alike. We have had the privilege of being able to help and empower many, many pupils and teachers… get in touch to discuss how we can help you too!


SUMO success! What people say…

The work we completed will help massively when managing any stress that I need to overcome during an exam!

Year 11 pupil,
Churchdown School Academy

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