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SUMO4Schools lessons are designed to be meaningful and memorable, practical and powerful. However planning and preparing the lessons themselves couldn't be easier. The SUMO4Schools programme consists of a Schools Pack and Training for both pupils and teachers. The Schools Pack contains all the resources you need to start using SUMO in your classroom. SUMO Training for Teachers can develop your own awareness and understanding of SUMO and the principles that underpin it, as well as help you to deliver effective and engaging lessons. SUMO Training for Pupils can help pupils get the most out of SUMO, manage change and transition and cope with the stress of exams and revision.

Helping you implement the programme

SUMO4Schools have a team of coaches willing to support your implementation of the philosophy in school. They are trained professionals who can deliver lessons, or provide coaching either one-to-one or for a group.

Schools Pack

The SUMO4Schools pack contains everything you need to get you started with an overview of SUMO and explains where it fits into the wider school curriculum. The pack makes it easy to create interactive lessons built around the SUMO principles that pupils will quickly engage with and respond to. There's a wealth of supporting material including prepared lesson plans, DVD, CD ROM with animated powerpoints, worksheets, assembly DVD clips, and posters. With the SUMO4Schools pack you can quickly and seamlessly start to build SUMO into your lessons - and equip students and staff to beat stress to achieve their best.

Visit the Schools Pack page for more information

SUMO Training for Teachers

Teachers who have attended SUMO training say it is an excellent way of really engaging with SUMO and helps them to create an even more effective learning environment for their pupils.

Inset days or twilight session training

The SUMO Inset day is a great combination of personal motivation for the teachers as well as giving tools to manage pupil behaviour.

The SUMO philosophy equips both the teachers and pupils to live a brilliant life. It is an emotional intelligence package which helps them to deal with the stresses of teaching. Once informed themselves, they can pass on their new insights to their pupils.

Creating more positive behaviour is an excellent way to raise aspirations and achievement.

The SUMO programme can be used to develop the concepts of 'Seizing the Day' and 'Making a positive contribution' into the school ethos.

For more info on SUMO Teacher Training Days click here

SUMO Training for Pupils

For pupils SUMO training can help deliver the skills and knowledge around the following “themes”:

  • Making a difference
  • Social skills and relationship building
  • Managing your emotions
  • Taking responsibility and developing your influence
  • Motivation and achievement
  • Transition and dealing with change

Managing Change and Transition Programme

Change is a positive event when you have the ability to cope and the desire for it. Many pupils desire a fresh start and new image going up to secondary school. Even some pupils in Years 8 and 9 desire a fresh learning image as they progress towards their GCSEs. However the desire can be left unfulfilled because we often don't equip the pupils with the tools to be able to change, manage their emotions and enjoy the new opportunities.

Research shows those schools that effectively bridge the gap through transition days, with a supporting PSHE programme, offer the pupils the best possible start to their new school with long term benefits.

Positive transition is one of the messages of SUMO4Schools, a programme which empowers pupils with skills to manage their emotions, create aspirations and take responsibility for their lives.

The SUMO4Schools programme is a fun, interactive, life empowering student enrichment experience. The programme is flexible and can be delivered in a day and then implemented in the first terms PSHE lessons or it can be delivered by professional SUMO coaches to your Year 7's, 8's and 9's pupils.

The benefits of the programme are:

  • Equips the students with skills to have a positive experience with their new school year, new friends and new teachers.
  • Builds confidence in the pupil's ability to manage the change.
  • Provides an opportunity to meet new friends.
  • Delivers skills for improving their attitude to learning and their aspirations.

A good transition reduces stress and behavioural and emotional issues which can cause long term school problems.

How to bring the SUMO4Schools programme to your school:
Buy the teaching resource materials and we will include a free outline of the Transition programme for you to implement and deliver yourself. Cost £395 +VAT.

Student transition workshops
We can deliver the programme for you as a Student Enrichment Experience using our trained presenters, please email us at for further details.

Managing stress and revision days

One of the challenges for students facing examinations is revision. Often just saying the word 'revise' causes students to put up barriers and struggle to know what to do.

If they do revise they do it because they are told to do it. It is done reluctantly, often half-heartedly, without any sense that it might actually help them.

In order to overcome this problem some students need what might be called a life impacting change of attitude. A transformation in the way those students see themselves and the world around them.

SUMO4Schools is a programme made up of six principles which deliver just that. They change the mind sets of the students and help develop the skills which help to make them successful.

SUMO Principle No. 5 is called 'Learn Latin- Seize the day' and is based on the saying 'Life rewards actions not intentions'. It helps students to stop, think and reflect on what they struggle with but then teaches them how to move on and take action.

Using this principle a 'Revision and Managing Stress Day' has been developed which will enable the learners to:

  1. Manage their stress to perform their best
  2. Unpack procrastination habits
  3. Move on to develop good study and revision habits
  4. Motivate themselves to fulfil their potential
  5. Create a revision action plan.

We have three ways to bring the SUMO 'Revision and Managing Stress Day' or the full SUMO programme to your school:
1. SUMO Presenters - we have a team of highly trained and fun presenters. The presenters can come and deliver a full day to 30 borderline pupils or cover a larger number of pupils in six individual periods.

2. SUMO Achievement Coaches - we can deliver high impacting group or one to one work for disengaged, underachieving students. The cost is £395 + VAT per session.

3. Do it Yourself - by buying the Teaching Resource Programme pack. It includes a DVD, animated PowerPoint, worksheets, CD ROM for use on the school Intranet. The cost is £395 + VAT.

SUMO4Schools raises aspirations and achievement in a fun and innovate way. The benefits are motivated, inspired and enabled students who can manage their stress to achieve their best.

To explore which SUMO solution is best for you and your school, please contact us. Or download the SUMO4Schools flyer here.

SUMO4Schools Products

  • Victim T-shirts - £10.00
  • SUMO Squishy toys - £2.99
  • SUMO Pin Badges - £1.00
  • '7 Question' Small postcards - £14 per 100
  • '7 Question' Large Cartoon postcards - £23.50 per 100
  • Boxing gloves - £6.99 per glove
  • SUMO book - £7.99
  • Posters - £14.99

Pack Items

  • Beachballs - £2.50
  • Additional copy of pack DVD - £14.99
  • Additional copy of pack CD-Rom - £19.99

All prices are inclusive of VAT but not delivery, which is charged in addition.
Discount available for bulk purchases.


SUMO success! What people say…

The work we completed will help massively when managing any stress that I need to overcome during an exam!

Year 11 pupil,
Churchdown School Academy

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